Almost 400 collectors of colonies in Germany, the rest of Europe and overseas are members of the Study Group, which was founded in Berlin in 1928 and is the oldest Study Group in the Society of German Philatelists. (BDPh)

Members receive twice yearly Bulletins for Colonial Collectors (Berichte) and two Newsletters.

The well printed Reports which form the renowned journals of the Study Group have been appearing since 1948. At present they generally contain between 48 and 60 pages with contributions to colonial postal history and philately with numerous illustrations, some in colour.

The Newsletters serve to circulate information about what is happening in the Group. They also contain items about cancels and stamps, contributions to discussions, warnings concerning forgeries as well as reviews and offers of literature. Many of the articles are illustrated in black and white.

In addition the Study Group has since 1935 been publishing periodically its Catalogue of colonial postmarks and their prices, each edition always fully revised. Members receive this free of charge (Catalogue), lately also a series Monographs on various topics covering colonial philately and history (Offers).

Further, there is an annual meeting of members, (meetings) as well as regional meetings, and a library accessible to all members.

The Annual Subscription is:
For all members living abroad € 50.--.
For members living in Germany who also belong to a local philatelic society or other study group affiliated to the BDPh € 50.--.
For other members living in Germany € 65.--.
In addition there is a Joining Fee currently of € 15. For this one receives a yellow four-ring binder with index to facilitate the filing of the Newsletters, and the Postmark Catalogue. Students and scholars receive a discount on the above rates and do not pay a joining fee.

Should you be interested in joining please go to the heading Application Form which you can then download. complete and send by email, mail or fax to the Membership Secretary.